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What We Can Bring To The Table

Employment Law Compliance Support

Is your business in compliance with the ever-changing employment laws? Are you aware of the financial liabilities that could occur if employment laws are mistakenly broken? Poor decisions can result in costly settlements or lawsuits. We create and review business policies, procedures and protocols to make sure your business is legally compliant with State and Federal guidelines. 

Recruiting & Onboarding

There is more to hiring than placing an employment ad and hoping for some good candidates to apply. We review your current recruiting & on-boarding practice, improve or create an approach to create a new approach to attract and retain new talent. 

Employee Relations

Employees depend on managers to lead the way. Handling situations inconsistently confuses employees, causing them to lose faith in management. Employees are a business's biggest assets. We can help close the gaps in any inconsistent practices and boost employee morale and productivity. We have a proven track record to guiding business's on how to reduce their turnover rate and implement maintenance systems to improve employer-employee relationships. 

Compliance Training

Compliance training is easy to overlook. If your employees do not have compliance training, it can cost your business. Litigation, fines and dissatisfaction among employees are a few headaches that could result from not having proper compliance training. By implementing a solid compliance training system, it allows your employees to have a better understanding of the requirements and regulations and how State and Federal laws align with your business's mission.

Training & Development

Understanding how your employees learn is key for them to absorb new concepts. Communication, training and education programs are vital for a successful business. Providing employees with these necessary tools will result in a positive work environment which will increase productivity. We evaluate and recommend programs that are specific to your business. 

Risk Management

Start-ups, emerging and small businesses must be aware of their risk management. Ignoring risk management could have serious negative implications on your business. We work with you to identify, analyze and create precautionary steps to avoid or reduce risks.

Performance Management 

Does your business have a performance plan in place? We can review your current plan and provide feedback on any areas needing improvement. We can create a customized performance management plan that will assess and ensure your employees have realistic goals and implement procedures for meeting those goals. Employees that achieve their goals find their positions to be satisfactory, which contribute to the success of your business. 


We review current payroll practices to modernize or streamline your payroll cycle. We can process weekly, bi-weekly or semimonthly payroll, prepare reports, tax forms and tax deposits. 

Website Design

We can create and design a new website or update your business's existing website. We can assist you with your search engine optimization (SEO) which will increase website traffic and allow your customers to find your website easier. 

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